We got to chatting the other day about telling our story and that got us onto thinking about chance and change, how the one inevitably causes the other, and how the circles we move in often intersect in ways we hadn’t considered.

Now, this is nothing new, of course. We can all point to those forks in the road of life that have taken us down an unexpected route, but this is really where Anecdote’s story begins.

I (Joff) was unwell last year, and this led me to take a look at what was important to me. I then decided I needed a change but I wasn’t sure where I was going. I’d decided I wanted to go freelance, but I had no real idea how to go about it. Cue my wife, Hayley, mentioning my thoughts in passing to David, whom she had come to know through their mutual involvement in the Scouts.

It just so happened that David had been thinking about how some of the companies his company Pretium had worked with could do with improving their written communications. So Hayley sat us down together – we’d never really chatted much before – and we soon found that we saw things in pretty much the same way. What’s more, our skills complemented each other in a way that we felt would make for a great business. Another meeting and Anecdote was born.

The point is that we never know how the circles we move in offer us plenty of opportunities that we don’t always appreciate. One chance remark can set off a spark in someone else that leads to good things – but we never know when that moment can happen, so we need to keep our eyes and ears open. Moving in greater circles can even improve your luck, according to Professor Richard Wiseman in his book The Luck Factor.

Communication is the key to this of course. The more you communicate, the more circles you can break into – which is where Anecdote can help.