It’s not every day you get to see a Citroen 2CV dropped off by helicopter, but this was no ordinary 2CV.

Dolly made her spectacular entrance at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, as part of the 2CV at 70 celebrations, organised by The Style Gallery’s Andrew Mellon.

Beneath her beautiful rainbow-effect wrap, courtesy of 3M Wraps, Dolly hides a fabulous culinary secret. She’s the world’s smallest food truck. Amazingly, this tiny car can be converted in a matter of a couple of minutes into a mobile kitchen, celebrating two of France’s most influential exports – the stylish 2CV and fabulous, innovative cuisine.

Dolly was unveiled in front of a suitably impressed collection of visitors, who were also kept fed and watered by a range of fine produce suppliers, including Simply Good Food TV friends The English Drinks Company and Womersley Foods.

Andrew got his crazy idea of turning this French icon into a diminutive mobile kitchen while getting his brakes fixed in January. “There was a green 2CV sat there – Dolly – and I thought it would be fun to turn her into a food truck,” he told us.

“I asked the owner of the garage if I could just borrow her for three months without buying her, while we pitched the idea. Amazingly, of the five initial pitches, four came back saying ‘Yes, we’ll do it’, including 3M, which was the big one that hooked everybody else in.”

Surprisingly, Andrew wasn’t a long-time fan of the 2CV, nor a connoisseur of mobile cooking. “I know nothing about cars, nothing about food trucks,” he said. “We went into this completely blind, and now we’ve got to make it work!”

And it looks like Dolly is already making friends. Since her reveal, Dolly has visited the London Motor Show, she’ll soon be visiting Motor Show East in Newmarket, and you’ll be able to sample her offerings at a number of events and festivals throughout the summer. “We’ve between 10 and 12 bookings – everything from sporting to sailing,” said Andrew. “Even at this early stage she’s captured people’s imagination.”