We do words

We take your stories and tell your audience all about you – who you are, what you do and how you can meet your clients’ needs.

What we write


Effective copy that will help your website stand out from those of your competitors.


Company brochures, press releases, newsletters, flyers and sales letters that really make a difference.


Training manuals, learning materials and more to help your people be the best they can be.

The Anecdote difference

Understanding your business

It’s not just about words. Great communication is about knowing your subject.

We work closely with you to find out who you are and where you’ve come from, to make sure our words capture what you’re all about.

We get to know your target market and industry, so we can tailor our language and tone of voice in the ideal way to get your messages across.

Making the most of your investment

Getting your words right helps maximise your investment.

Engaging a professional to write your words releases your people to do what they do best – saving you time and money.

Who we are

We’ve spent almost 20 years crafting compelling copy across a range of industries and channels.

We understand your needs, objectives and audience. And, of course, we’re experts in writing, with a sharp eye for detail and perfect grammar.

All this means we create content that tells your story in the most effective way possible.

Our core commitments:


We take the time to understand you and your audience, and bring your story to life.


We work with you at every stage of our process to make sure we hit your brief.

Attention to detail

We love grammar and spelling, so you can be confident your content is word perfect.

Getting to know us

Joff Brown

Joff Brown

Since learning his trade as a business journalist, Joff has spent the past 15 years creating great content for a number of top companies, including Volkswagen, Audi, Travelsphere Holidays and more.

Why should you engage us?

Too often, words are neglected in favour of presentation. Beautiful websites and brilliant design are vital, of course, but words tell your audience what they need to know.

Getting words right isn’t easy. Using us guarantees your copy will be engaging, informative, clean and correct, so your written image is as professional as you are. We also free up your most important resource – your people – so they can get on with their jobs.

Can we really get to know your business?

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their businesses. By coming to see you and talking to you about what makes you and your organisation tick, we get to the heart of what you’re all about. That way, we make sure that what we write for you really lets people know what makes you special.

What can we write for you?

Although we write words for all channels, most of our work is online.

Your website is your shop window, so we give you compelling copy that tells your audience all about you.

We can write blogs on any subject you wish, for you to post on LinkedIn and other social media, driving traffic to your website. If you want to reach out to your existing customer base, we have extensive experience in crafting effective e-newsletters.

Do we write for more traditional channels?

It’s essential that organisations use the best channel for their audiences. If your audience wants print, we’ll give them print. Posters, flyers, newsletters – all these still have a place and we can provide copy for these as well.

Talk to us

Whether you’re an established company, a new enterprise or a creative agency looking for a partner to provide words for your clients, we’d love to talk to you.


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